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All the latest news about Brexit for our industry and professionals

RICS' position on Brexit

You have probably seen that the United Kingdom has a new prime minister, who has pledged to take the UK out of the European Union by the deadline of 31 January 2020.

An important question for some members of the profession based outside the UK but who frequently work there is how Brexit will impact our qualifications and standards?

Despite the political turmoil in the UK, RICS' position is unequivocal; the standards that RICS promotes, our professional qualifications and our independently-led regulation will continue to be recognised by the market unaffected by the terms of the UK's exit from the EU.

How Brexit affects RICS

  • RICS develops standards that are internationally applicable and enforceable, irrespective of any government-to-government agreements. These standards are developed collaboratively, by the industry and its stakeholders. They are adopted by international organisations, firms, regulators and governments without reference to international treaties. They will therefore continue to apply as now under any Brexit scenario.

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  • RICS qualifications are awarded through a system of professional assessment overseen by RICS. These assessments take place worldwide, with RICS recognised by governments as a competent body to deliver these assessments and award AssocRICS, MRICS and FRICS. This status is unaffected by Brexit. We therefore fully expect RICS qualifications to retain their current status under any Brexit scenario.

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  • RICS accredits undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes at universities worldwide. These accreditations are awarded and reviewed by a rigorous process. RICS is recognised by governments as a competent body to accredit relevant degree programmes. This status is unaffected by Brexit. We therefore fully expect all RICS accredited degree programmes to be unaffected under any Brexit scenario.

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  • RICS individual professionals and regulated firms are subject to independently-led assurance and regulation. RICS Regulation is recognised, worldwide, by governments and regulatory bodies as a competent body to regulate registered practitioners working across the sector. This status is unaffected by Brexit. We therefore fully expect RICS Regulation to retain its current status under any Brexit scenario.

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In the coming weeks and months as we head to the 31 October deadline, RICS will continue to provide relevant Brexit updates online in the hope that in these uncertain and unchartered waters, we are able to share the best information possible with you so that you are as prepared as you can be. Our role as a respected professional body is not to side with any political argument, but to look out for the public interest, seek information that is relevant to maintaining a vibrant built and natural environment and do our best to equip you for whatever government politics brings.

In the meantime, if you have any specific queries about qualifications, standards and RICS services, please email me.

Sean Tompkins RICS

Sean Tompkins

Chief Executive Officer

London, UK


Sean has been Chief Executive of RICS since September 2010. Sean has transformed RICS from a traditional, trusted UK mark of professionalism built on high standards and ethics to one of international recognition, influence and thought leadership. From governments to financial institutions, RICS’ standards, qualifications and thought leadership are respected and recognised. As well as advancing RICS’ strategy and goals, Sean is also a passionate champion for greater diversity and inclusion within the profession.

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