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Land Journal

28 APR 2020

Land Journal: May-June 2020

This latest edition of the Land Journal was commissioned and written before the COVID-19 crisis. I hope that the long-form articles in this edition remain both useful and thought provoking in the current climate and give you something to think about for the future. For the latest links on how RICS continues to support professionals as the situation develops, turn to the Briefing page.

Our opening article explains why what happens to offshore turbines when they stop operating will become increasingly important in the next two decades.

The rise of crop robotics is anticipated in the next ten years. This will help bring small irregularly shaped plots of land into agricultural use and means that good soil and reliable rainfall may become as important for agriculture as large, flat rectangular fields have been in the past.

A different type of farming innovation is demonstrated in underground London where the perfect crop of leafy greens is being grown in a disused air raid shelter.

A secure water supply for farming, introducing floodproof houses to the UK and large-scale land acquisition also feature in this edition, alongside opportunities for landowners to benefit from investment in clean energy sources and storage.

As ever there are articles on a range of other topics, so do have a look through the journal. I would encourage you to visit to keep up to date with the latest developments and if there’s anything that you would like us to cover, please drop me a line. My best wishes to you and your family; stay safe and well.

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