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Digital Modus and Journals online: It's here!

Digital Modus and Journals: it’s here!

The brand new digital Modus and journals platform is now live, providing you with an enhanced and more engaging digital experience as you access cutting-edge insight from across the built and natural environment.

For the first time, you will be able to easily navigate content from Modus and all four journals – Built Environment, Construction, Land and Property – in one place, whether that’s using the site landing pages to see what’s new, searching by specialism or from a list of topics in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

You’ll now be able to journey through a collection of over 300 past articles – which we’ll be adding even more to over the coming months. And what’s more, you will be able to access and share this content from your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

In addition, we’ll be publishing brand new content each week, making the most of the opportunities the digital format offers to enhance your experience, whether through graphics, video, or more timely, reactive insight in response to current news and trends.

New content

Within the first few weeks’ uploads, you can expect to see the following articles:

  • Built Environment Journal reports on the progress of landmark legislation currently going through parliament, including the Building Safety Bill, RICS’ fire safety review, and fire safety valuation.
  • The Land Journal has an exciting series coming up where we follow a recent High court case as it happened, bringing you the facts and opinions as well as the judge’s decision without the time delay caused by the print production process.
  • Construction Journal explores the failures of literacy education in the UK and how this is limiting construction sector productivity and particularly digitisation.
  • Property Journal continues to track the impact of COVID-19 with a review of workplace culture and office space demands.

Future developments

We continue to build on and improve the new platform to make sure you can get the most out of your new resource. The second phase of the platform’s development will see further improvements to functionality in September, including enhanced searchability.

At present, the platform is open to everyone. However, in September, the journals content will become an exclusive to members only and sitting behind a member wall, while Modus will remain our voice to the world and open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Modus and Journals are now digital-only. They are published on a new platform, giving you an enhanced and more engaging digital experience with (at launch) over 300 articles available to browse, search or share, and more articles will be added every week.

    You will be able to access the content on laptop, iPad or phone.

  • Modus and journals content will be brought to you by the same expert teams of editors who worked on the print editions. They will continue to commission articles that bring relevant, cutting-edge insight that enhances your professionalism. In addition, the digital format allows us to produce more timely, reactive insights in response to current news or technical developments, and deliver it to you through new, engaging ways – whether graphics, video or text.  

  • Currently all material is available to everyone. From September, journal material will become exclusive to RICS professionals and candidates only, sitting behind a member wall, whilst Modus will remain open to all.

  • The same editorial team will be working on producing Modus content and they will continue to bring you a variety of high quality, stimulating and thought-provoking articles. We will also continue to publish an article from the RICS President on a regular basis.

    Other regular features regarding RICS professionals and our industry will be published on the RICS’ website, including:

    • Member Obituaries: Obituaries are now published in the Surveying Profession section of the website 
    • Disciplinary Panels: Outcomes of Regulation Disciplinary panels are published in the Regulation section of the website 
  • No, we ended print editions in June (only UK members received print). We ended print for a number of reasons:

    • Moving from print to an enhanced digital experience supports RICS’ commitment to sustainability. We currently print 55 million pages each year across Modus and Journals and have received constructive challenges from the profession to reduce this output
    • RICS faces significant financial pressure in light of COVID-19 and we have had to act decisively to safeguard its future. As part of this response, moving away from printing and mailing Modus and Journals will save £1 million a year
    • We want to ensure Modus and Journals are truly global by making them available to all professionals in an easy to access, searchable and shareable way.
  • You can download PDF versions of Modus and Journals editions from the past two years.

We want to hear from you

This platform exists primarily for our professionals, and your input is important to help us continuously improve the service we offer to support your professional development. Email to let us know what content you would like to see, and your feedback on the platform, and continue to check our FAQs where we’ll be posting responses to common thoughts and questions.