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3 MAR 2020

Modus Asia-Pacific Edition, Q1 2020

In our main feature we take a closer look at the negative effects that overpopulation and the continuing growth of income equality are having on many Asian countries – and ask whether relocating capital cities could solve the problem  

Also in this issue…

  • We investigate the impact that artificial intelligence and automation are having on the industry
  • We also take a closer look at the phenomenon of city groups that cross traditional cultural, administrative and geographic borders to form economic megaregions 
  • With the continuing rise in flexible co-working space, we ask what is the best way to value such assets?
  • We analyse whether single use plastic could be used to build the roads of the future

And with Asia in mind, we examine the advantages of city clusters – and outline what Asian countries need to do if they are to replicate the success of Silicon Valley.