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8 OCT 2019

The Start-Up Issue

Ready for lift off? This month's edition of Modus is a start-up special: how to survive, thrive and get ahead with your small business in today's challenging and fast-changing built environment sector.

With technology racing ahead and new business models disrupting the market, there's never been a more exciting (and more terrifying) time to start a new built environment business. But what does it take to make a success of it?
We meet the entrepreneurs behind three start-ups to find out what it's like to leave behind the security of working at a larger company, and what the challenges are of establishing a reputation and carving out your own place in the market.

We investigate the role that specialised business clusters can play in attracting start-ups to regenerate urban areas. How does clustering work – and can it ever really be managed? What are the unintended consequences of such strategies? We ask these questions and more as we consider: the cluster paradox.

There is a booming market in productivity apps and online services, all promising to speed up business for small teams and small businesses, but do they really work for small surveying practices – or are they just another technological challenge that gets in the way of getting the work done? We take a selection of them and put them in the hands of surveyors in real surveying practices to get their take on how helpful they are in the real world.

And finally, is today a bad time to become an entrepreneur – or the perfect time? We look on the bright side of challenging times by asking three leading experts to turn the negatives into positives and give their views on the opportunities out there for hungry and hard-working small businesses.