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Research Trust

RICS Research Trust

The RICS Research Trust is an established grant award entity supporting research in the disciplines of land, real estate and construction right across the world.

The Trust, as a charity, has a remit of supporting, delivering and disseminating high quality, independent reliable knowledge and future thinking through research funding. It's administered by a Board of Trustees, comprising of our members and independent appointees. The Trust can fund research globally.

The Board meets to consider awards twice a year, in May and December.

What's considered?

Projects may be undertaken by chartered surveyors or others who are, in the opinion of trustees, adequately qualified to undertake the research. Both major research projects from established researchers and smaller scale proposals from younger researchers will be considered.

The Trust has set out its strategy and has recommended that this is considered during the application process.

Application process

Closing date for applications Awards meeting Applicants informed of decision
First week of March May End of May
First week of October December End of December

The RICS Research Trust encourages research in certain specific areas by means of defined calls, which are available to download at the top of the page. These defined call subjects are kept under review and published on the website in May and November each year. The Trust is ready to consider applications under these defined calls at the May and December grant awarding rounds. The Trust is also ready to consider applications outside those specific areas, as ‘open calls’, at the May and December grant awarding rounds.

The RICS Research Trust is now accepting applications. You can download the application form and guidelines and RICS Research Trust Strategy on the right-hand side of this page. Please make sure you specify whether your application is under one of the defined call subjects or whether it is an application under the open call.


In order to have your application considered at our next bi-annual meeting, submit your proposal by 17:00 GMT on Friday 6 March 2020

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