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Data Collection


BCIS Online is a reciprocal service with an extensive and growing database of construction projects throughout the UK. This is made possible by the help of our subscribers and members of the construction industry providing their own real project cost information.

BCIS spends up to two days analysing every project we receive in order to maintain and produce the wide range of benchmarking tools and indices. Alongside this consultancy support, all suppliers receive a complimentary Benchmark report.

Why send us your data?

  • In return for submitting construction cost data, you will receive a complimentary benchmark report that allows you to compare the performance of your project against other similar projects. This report is designed to guide strategic decisions and to facilitate best practice and continual improvement.

  • The more and varied project data BCIS receives, the more robust our data becomes, affording you a greater spread of projects to benchmark against.

  • Your clients use BCIS data to benchmark your costs and compare quotes. If your data is not included it will not be reflective of your circumstances.

  • Contracts and price agreements are often based on BCIS indices for inflation; by submitting your data you can be sure it is reflective of the inflation you are experiencing.

  • BCIS forecasting models include the latest submitted project data, allowing you to use the forecasts with confidence.

  • The majority of insurers rely on BCIS data to calculate rebuild costs. Making this data as reflective of the market as possible, helps reduce risk (and potentially premiums). 

What do we want?

We are interested in receiving construction costs and life cycle costs which we anonymise so they aren't traceable in the studies we produce.

We require a breakdown which provides the unit rates and associated quantities for accepted tenders. This information allows us to calculate a tender price index and include it in our calculations for All-In TPI.

In the event you are unable to provide this level of detail it may be possible for you to provide a high level construction cost per m2 for accepted tenders, preferably broken down elementally i.e. substructure, superstructure, finishes etc. This can be used to update our average building price studies.

It doesn't matter what format you send your data in, as we will standardise it during analysis. If you are unsure your data will be of use please do not hesitate to send it in and we will be able to review - too often our subscribers have the data but don’t realise its usefulness.

The information we require can be obtained from, but is not limited to, the following priced documents:

  • Bills of quantities
  • Contract sum analyses
  • Quantified activity schedules
  • Target cost summaries
  • Target cost build-ups
  • Quantified schedules of works
  • Framework packages
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Operation and maintenance expenditures.

Contact Us

You can contact the BCIS Data Collection team using the contact details below:

Marianne Chowdhury, Head of Data Collection, 020 7695 1632

Agnes Galeska, Construction Data Analyst 020 7695 1515

Katie Culhane, Data Collection Executive, 020 7695 1700

BCIS Postal Address

12 Great George Street
Parliament Square

Ways to submit data

There are a number of ways in which you can submit your data. The format itself is not important as we will standardise it during analysis and anonymise it so it is not identifiable.

  • Email electronic data in any format to

  • Email us links to cloud storage file locations e.g. on DropBox, GoogleDrive

  • If you are a current BCIS subscriber, you can log in to your BCIS account and click ‘Submit Data’ on the homepage

  • We can collect your data from you; please contact us via email or phone to make arrangements

  • Send hard copy files for free in any format to:

12 Great George Street

If you have any questions, please contact our Data Collection Executive, Katie Culhane on 020 7695 1700 or email


New BCIS Benchmark Report

We are pleased to announce that anyone who now submits construction cost data to BCIS will benefit from our consultancy support. Our dedicated team of analysts will analyse each project and provide a complimentary Benchmark Report in return.

What's in it?

Key findings are summarised relating to construction cost and group elements as well as providing analysis on functional costs, where applicable. The report also gives an insight into simulations that BCIS has modelled, and allows us to estimate the cost impact of adjusting the base date and the region. The report also provides an estimate of the life cycle cost for operating and maintaining the facility for 30 years and how the contract duration compares to similar projects.


  • Guide strategic decisions and potentially demonstrate value for money
  • Facilitate best practice through data standardisation making your data comply with industry recognised standards
  • Provide added value with insight on life cycle cost, contract duration, inflation and regional variation
  • Demonstrate you are benchmarking your data against an independent and unbiased source
  • Help mitigate any costly risks by benchmarking your construction projects against a trusted and authoritative source
  • Other benefits aside from the Benchmark Report are provided; find out more.

How to get one?

All we need from you is your project cost data, preferably with a contract breakdown. The more detailed the information, the more useful it is for both of us. The data can be accepted in any format because it will be standardised during analysis. You can send it by email, in the cloud or to our freepost address. We can even collect it from you if you would prefer.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in you details below and we will contact you. If you would like us to visit you to discuss the Benchmark Report or data collection, please let us know. Alternatively you are more than welcome to visit us at any of our offices in the UK. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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