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Become an Assessor

Become an assessor

Video Assessment Interviews

We have made the decision to hold all future final assessment interviews via a digital platform

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As an assessor you play an important role in ensuring that only those who fulfil our ethical standards and professional competency requirements become RICS qualified professionals.

Your role

There are four roles you may perform as an RICS assessor:

1.Associate Assessor – assessing a candidate's written submissions for the Associate qualification (AssocRICS)

2.Preliminary reviewer – reviewing a candidate's written submissions to approve them for chartered interview (for MRICS)

3.Interview Assessor – assessing a candidate at interview for the Chartered qualification (MRICS)

4.Interview Chairperson – managing the interview and supporting interview assessors for the Chartered qualification (MRICS)

Assessor training

All assesors must complete training specific to the role they are performing and the assessment type.

Assessment Resource Centre

As an assessor you will be able to access the Assessment Resource Centre (ARC) where you can give RICS your availability for assessing, view the candidates assigned to your panel, along with your co-assessor details, and gain access to all the supporting Assessment material.

Visit the Assessment Resource Centre