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Enrolled candidate guidance

Enrolled candidate guidance

Video Assessment Interviews

We have made the decision to hold all future final assessment interviews via a digital platform

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RICS Assessments LinkedIn group

The RICS Assessments LinkedIn Group is available to support you through your assessment by sharing knowledge and experiences of the assessments, ensuring a motivating and encouraging environment for all who are working towards an RICS qualification.

Ask questions. Provide your own advice. Access support materials.

Membership of the group is open to all current RICS candidates and any RICS-qualified professionals wishing to proactively support candidates in becoming qualified.

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Not using LinkedIn yet? It provides a great opportunity to raise your profile, growing your network with other candidates, RICS professionals, the industry and wider LinkedIn networks. 


APC candidate training plan

The APC candidate training plan is a best practice document for use by APC candidates who are required to complete structured training.

This document is produced to assist the candidate, counsellor and employer with creating a training plan for the candidate.



Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

As an RICS candidate you will progress through the stages of assessment using the Assessment Resource Centre (ARC).

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Assessment training

Training is available from RICS to help you through each stage of the assessment process.

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Assessment support resources (free access)

Find videos, e-learning and sample submissions (available for download below) to help you understand the expectations of the assessments.

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Submission deadlines

The deadlines for submission and assessment are below.

When selecting the dates in ARC you should keep all dates free until you receive confirmation of your allocated date and time.


  • Chartered assessment interview

    Submission deadline

    • October 5th - 9th

    Interview dates

    • July 6th – 17th 
    • November 23rd – December 4th  

    APC preliminary review

    Submission deadline

    • September 21st - 25th

    Associate Assessment

    Submission deadline

    • October 5th - 9th


  • Candidates who are referred have the right to appeal.

    You cannot appeal simply because you disagree with the assessors’ decision about your competence. The appeal panel does not question the merits of the assessors’ decision. It looks at the way the final assessment was conducted, and will allow the appeal only if, on the balance of probabilities, there was fault in the process.

    It does not reach any conclusion about the candidate’s competence to practise: it considers only administrative or procedural matters.

    Appeal panel

    Appeals are considered by an RICS appeal panel of three chartered surveyors who have no connection with you or your employer, and no previous knowledge of your final assessment interview.

    The appeal panel has no powers to admit a candidate to RICS membership: if an appeal is approved, the original final assessment interview is disregarded and you will be given a fresh interview.

    How to appeal                                                 

    You have 21 days in which to appeal. This is taken from the date on which your referral report is issued.

    • Complete the APC candidate appeal form (download it from this page) and submit the required appeal fee (no third party may appeal on your behalf).
    • Detail, in no more than 1,000 words, the reasons for the appeal. No further supporting documentation is permitted and no representations may be submitted by another party who was not present at the interview (e.g. supervisor, counsellor, employer)
    • Send to RICS within 21 days of the date your referral report was issued.

    The process takes approximately seven weeks following receipt of your appeal.

    The outcome of an appeal

    • Decline

    The panel decides to decline the appeal - RICS will write to you explaining the reasons for the decision.

    The original decision stands along with the panel’s referral report and instructions on how to apply for re-assessment.

    The appeal panel’s decision is final. There is no further right of appeal.

    • Allowed

    The panel decides to allow the appeal - RICS will write to you advising that the appeal has been allowed and that the original assessment result and referral report are now void.

    You will be provided with a re-assessment by a new panel using the existing submission documents. RICS will do its best to establish a date suitable for all parties as soon as possible, and not more than three months after the outcome of the appeal. You may not submit any new documentation for the re-assessment.

    The appeal fee will be held in credit.

    Please note that the outcome of the appeal re-assessment is final. There is no further right of appeal following this decision.