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Chartered Member (MRICS)

Chartered Member (MRICS)

Become qualified as a Chartered Member (MRICS) if you have a bachelor’s degree, approved professional qualification or 10 years of relevant experience.

Chartered Member is available on completion of the chartered qualification. After successfully completing the assessment, you will be able to use the designation MRICS.

You can enrol at any time in your career, but you must meet one of our eligibility requirements before applying for assessment:

  • Relevant experience and an RICS-accredited degree
  • 5 years of relevant experience and any bachelor’s degree
  • 10 years of relevant experience operating at an advanced level by seniority, specialisation, or in academia.

The most common way of qualifying as a Chartered Member is through the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), but you can also qualify as a senior professional, industry specialist, or academic. 

Membership enquiries

If you have any questions about joining RICS or our qualifications, please call +1 212 847 7400 or complete our membership enquiries form.

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Assessment of Professional Competence

The Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) can be completed with or without structured training depending on your experience.

  • Structured training – develop your skills over 12 or 24 months before assessment.
  • Preliminary review – if you have 5 years of experience, go to final assessment following a review of your submissions.

Find out about the APC

Senior professionals, specialists and academics

If your career has progressed based on seniority, specialisation or through academia, we have assessment routes to match your experience.

  • Senior professional – you have experience as a leader and manager.
  • Specialist – you have enhanced skills as a recognised authority.
  • Academic – you are teaching or researching at a university.

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During the qualification process RICS fully supports applicants in all respects. A high standard of professionalism, extensive experience and a significant level of patience accompany each of us on the way to become a member of RICS.

Kerstin Wettermann MRICS
Real estate valuer, Munich