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Annual Return guide

Annual Return guide

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to completing your firm's Annual Return: taking you through each stage of the process, from logging in to the Firms Portal to completing the Valuer Registration Return.

For convenience, the Annual Return is split into sections. When you have completed a section its status will change to ‘Ready to Submit’. When all sections have been completed, the 'Submit' button will appear and the return can be submitted to RICS Regulation.

You may find it useful to use the help tips in the Firms Portal as you complete each stage of the Annual Return. Our Rules of Conduct for Firms will also assist in completing the Annual Return. 

We already hold some information from when you registered your firm or completed your last Annual Return. Please check the retained answers to ensure the information is still correct.

To complete your Annual Return, enter the Firms Portal:

Login to the firms portal

Does your firm hold clients’ money?

If your firm holds clients’ money, auditors from RICS Regulation will periodically visit your firm.

Firms holding clients’ money will be charged an annual regulatory review fee as well as the fee for the clients’ money insurance levy. They will receive an invoice based on the information provided in their Annual Return.

Return for all firms to complete

This section will enable you to provide generic information in respect of your firm as a whole.

  • principals: details of directors and principals. 
  • training: firms must have procedures in place to make sure their staff are properly trained to do their work. 
  • general: some general information about your firm and its staff (you may need to consult your fellow principals and professionals). 

Annual Return: Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Return: FAQs (0.16MB)

On completion of your Annual Return

If you wish to provide any additional information, please email quoting your firm’s registration number.

If your firm sponsors members for valuer registration it will be invoiced for the annual registration fee. You will receive an invoice based on the information provided in your Annual Return.

Registered Valuer Information: Valuer Registration Return

This section of the Annual Return asks for details of valuation work carried out by your firm and contains the following sub-sections:

  • applicants/member: you will be able to confirm the members your firm sponsors for the scheme.
  • geographical scope of valuation work: you will be able to advise us about the geographical area in which your firm provides valuation services.
  • Red Book valuation activities: you will be able to advise us of the details of all types of Red Book valuation activity which is undertaken by your firm.
  • valuation general: some general information about your firm’s valuation work.

Valuer Registration Return: Frequently Asked Questions

Valuer Registration Return: FAQs (0.21MB)

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