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How to register with RICS as a valuer

How to register with RICS as a valuer

There are different routes to sign up for valuer registration, depending on your circumstances, find out how to sign up and the information we require from you as part of the registration process.

Register as a professional

If you are an RICS qualified professional, you can register in our members' portal.

Login to our Members' Portal

Register your firm/practice

If we regulate your firm or sole practice, your Contact Officer can sponsor you in the firms' portal. You will then need to complete a shorter application in the members' portal.

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The fee you will need to pay varies depending on whether you will be sponsored or not, and the country you are based in.

You can find out how much you or your firm will need to pay in our fee structure document.

Download: Valuer Registration Fee Scale - United Kingdom

Download: Valuer Registration Fee Calculator - Global

How to de-register

If would like to stop being a Registered Valuer, you need to complete the application to de-register.

Download: Application to de-register from valuer registration

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