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Procurement of Facility Management, 1st edition

Procurement of facility management

This professional statement and guidance note discusses facility management procurement routes and processes open to organisations. It provides information and guidance on the various factors that need to be considered throughout a procurement process. This includes activities and key decisions during planning, procurement and post-procurement.

It is aimed at professionals who have already decided to outsource FM services, be they single sourced, bundled or TFM/IFM services, or those who have previously outsourced services and are engaging in a re-procurement process.

The content includes:

  • Strategic factors
  • Project planning
  • Market analysis
  • Procurement strategy
  • Technical activities
  • Legal and commercial activities
  • Procurement process
  • Mobilisation and transition
  • Contract management and
  • Re-procurement

Erratum: Although originally published on 25 July 2018 this professional statement has since been reissued to address the following:

  1. Page 12, 1st paragraph, right hand column: in the second line Bidder A has been amended to Bidder B and in the third line, Bidder B has been amended to Bidder A.
  2. Page 15, second paragraph, last sentence: ‘outcomes’ has replaced ‘outputs’.

Please ensure you have downloaded the most recent version, published 27 September 2018. Unfortunately, this means that any printed copies from the original launch event do not reflect these amendments.