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The World Built Environment Forum

The built environment's forum for the future

The World Built Environment Forum is an initiative of RICS, the leading international professional body in the sector. We have a formal public interest remit and our work aims to ensure that markets operate in the best interests of society. Our mission is to advance discussions of critical importance to the built and natural environment, inspiring positive and sustainable change for a prosperous and inclusive future.

The World Built Environment Forum will:

Provide you with the very best contemporary thinking from around the globe

Deliver regularly updated multimedia content for you to enjoy and share

Aim to develop industrywide consensus on how to tackle the challenges and harness the opportunities of the 21st century

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Food security in a warming world

How can the global food supply chain be futureproofed against geopolitical shocks and extreme natural events? Can production processes be optimised for higher productivity and lower GHG emissions? What is the role of technology in the challenge? 5th August, 10:00 – 11:00 BST

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Why join the World Built Environment Forum?

Through the exchange of ideas and experience, the World Built Environment Forum explores routes to progressive change in the built and natural environment and is driven by the collective expertise of our stakeholders.

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